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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

LDS Missionaries

Many members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints are baptised into the church by mormon missionaries. However, many are born into LDS families and are baptized at the age of 8. I was baptised at 8 years old and was very excited to do so. I have always believed the teachings of the church. I have studied many faiths through out my life and have come to the conclusion that this organization contains the fullness of the gospel. I have a great appreciation for other faiths and for the infinite amount of good they do. Many of my friends are Pentacostal or Catholic or Greek Orthodox. We all recognize the good each other's faiths do in this world. I believe however, that the ordinances of the gospel are essential to salvation. They are outward expressions of inward commitments. Jesus emphasizes the ordiance of baptism by immersion and the gift of the Holy Ghost. Through these ordinances, the grace of God, and one's faithfullness one can be saved. We believe we are saved by grace "after all we can do." I encourage anyone reading this who is inquiring as to the LDS beliefs to seek out our doctrines and pray for guidance to know whether these are true.

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